Billboard Magazine

"Chappell's piano melodies are timeless, moving...captivating..."

The Monterey Peninsula Herald

"Few artists are able to crystallize an emotion in a melody the way Chappell can. His music is written for the heart’s ear."

The Boston Globe

"Acoustic piano soloist Jim Chappell weaves an intricate musical tapestry, creating a wide range of moods, colors, and themes. Powerfully visual music."

Washington Post

"Chappell sounds fresh, but also familiar right away...there's a genuine emotionalism in the playing."

The Woman Today Magazine

"...Chappell puts you in a melodic and musical trance when he performs..."

Keyboard Magazine

"Chappell is a consummate craftsman; a sensitive pianist and gifted melodist..."

Los Angeles Times

"Keyboardist Jim Chappell Taps Into Brawn Power: His popularity climbs after 'getting more physical' and giving his music 'more of a spark.'"

The Manila Bulletin

"Chappell has demonstrated a distinct mastery of the melody, brimming with refreshingly romantic lushness."

Pathways Magazine

"Emotive, evocative melodies leave us aching for more."

Trend Magazine

"...powerful, evocative melodies..."

Sun Star Philippine

" into the most intimate realms of the human heart."