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Hi, Jim, How do you do this.....evoke such pure emotive energy with a tender touch on the keys....heartstrings you pull in all of us? If all the tears of joy everyone cries while embracing your sweet music were to be put all together, it would be a pretty nice pool we could swim in! As it is, we float on the joyous current and feel reborn time and time again. Thank you for this, my friend. In the Spirit that holds us all..

Dear Jim, "Something To Smile About" is another fantastic Piece from Your CD. Thanks for fabulous, delicious, marvelous, fantastic, beautiful piano music. Yours,
-Henryk & Aneta

Dear Jim, Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the wonderful autographed gift of your new CD. I received it last Monday and as per my normal ritual, must listen to it through entirely at least 8-10 times before I decide my favorites. And I do believe it is 'Rise'. What a joyful song - and the cover photo fits it perfectly. "Diamonds in Her Eyes' is one of your classic sounds - puts a lump in my throat for absolutely no reason except that it is such a beautiful song. Same with "A Longer Kiss". I would love to hear an arrangement of "Diamonds" similar to 'Mockingbird Days' with the guitar, chimes & sounds like strings. (synthesizer?) Next - and this one grew on me as it was not one of my favorites right off the bat - "Graduation". There's a part in there that is very similar to another one of your songs but I can't remember which one! And finally, "I Knew I'd Love You" - that's another one that would be breathtaking with a background arrangement. The melody is just captivating - and a bit sad too. Makes me wonder if the recipient of that love is loving in return. All in all, you never disappoint. I have to tell you, since I started listening to Pandora, I have been introduced to so many new piano artists. I have a "Jim Chappell" radio station, so all similar artists are played. There are a small handful whose CDs I have purchased. But, and I don't know whether it's because your music has been with me through so many different ups and downs of my life over the last 18 years or so, no other artist touches me the way your music does. Thank you Jim - you make me smile.

I got my advance "signed" copy of RISE on the 11th. of Sept. 2009. I was in absolute heaven. Jim's music is a work of Art. Thank you Jim for the wonderful work you put out. A loyal fan, for life.

"This one has really helped me lighten up my state.. just what I needed to keep me up. Your music always reaches deep into one's soul and somehow created a beneficial effect to it. Thank you for sharing this Jim, seems you are a blessing. Kudos!" Marigold "Love it, I feel anticipation of change, renewal, a positive release, happiness, joy, revelation and then wonder."

"Beautiful Jim I just loved it!!!!"

Jim, I am listening to Gone... exquisite... beautiful... soothing... a gift!!! I posted it on my wall so that my friends can hear your music. You truly are one of my favorite composers and recording artists. I listen all the time to Rise... it keeps me feeling peaceful here at work. Thank you!

"Jim, I've have been listening to your music a lot lately and it has been wonderfully therapeutic for me. I've enjoyed reading the stories behind the music. You have turned what seemed to be bad days (seem to have a lot of those lately) into good days for me. I truly appreciate what it has done to uplift my spirit. Thank you for reaching my soul. You are an amazing pianist!!!!!"

"I think this is beautiful Jim! I also didn't expect it to have the affect it did on my friend. She has been having some troubles lately and I pulled together a play list with some calming piano songs for her. Thank you!!!"

Hi Jim I love "good again" so much. I feel so at ease whenever I play this music. On the other hand, "with you" helps me to recall back the moment when I was in love and so touching! All I could say is I love your music. We will always support you!

Many thanks Jim, Great usual. I would define your music, "glidin' music", 'cause your music gives me the wings!


Miracle is inspiring and AWESOME. The Spiritual-Melody Train Ride it takes you on is impressive. What it does is take you on a Train across the sky and Back again. The song fills my heart with joy and makes me happy to be alive. You're pouring the keyboard full of emotion and making me happy. I am inspired to know you and thank you for touching my heart. Your blessing us with your talent and that is a great gift you give many, many people in the world. Thanks

Thank you very much. Your music is an inspiration.

"Listening to this song brought me back to the warmth of summertime - that must have been when I first listened to this CD. Love the story behind the music. It continues to mystify me that you can compose song after song that are all so unique. And bee-u-ti-ful!"

This is a gem Jim... Absolutely beautiful... I wanted to write something from my heart, and I was able to do it because I had this song playing... Thank you!

"Dear Jim, as I write this..Honey Wind is being played. What can I say? Truly beautiful on this quiet cold morning where everywhere is still so still and all I hear are only the chirping of the birds - sweet and melodious just like your piece! Thank you! ~ A wonderful 2010 to you and may you continue to be inspired and write more wonderful pieces!"

"Miracle" is another great composition of yours which was drawn from an overflowing feeling of joy of a father upon this precious & priceless gift from God. Truly, your music is the entirety of what you have become, the timeless piece of every inspiration & the captured silhouette of your darkest moments. The impact your music has created to many of your followers including me still draws much interest not only to listen anew but to mesmerize one's soul into a deeper trance of our being. Congratulations and hoping for more musical artwork from your distinguished ingenuity. More power!

I have eleven of your albums, but not that one.  I just found a copy of "Manila Nights" this week.  That was enjoyable, but quite different from your solo work I started writing my own songs last year as part of my voice training and realized I didn't know much about piano.  So, my songs are written on a computer which lacks all of the human feeling that you put into your work (as well as the mastery of the instrument that you have.)  My instructor, who plays the piano during my lessons, kept telling me to listen to pianists to understand how much breadth the piano has.  So, I had a number of your cd's in my collection.  Wow!  I listened with a whole new ear for music.  You make it sound so simple,  which makes me admire your work even more.  Your music is truly an inspiration to the songs I have written. I first heard your music back with Living the Northern Summer.  We had a jazz/new age music station in Indy back then and I immediately set out to find the cd.  Unfortunately, we didn't have that many decent record stores in town back then, so I was unaware of your other music for a few more years.  Now, with online music, it is so much easier to find. Well, I appreciate your response and look forward to picking up your remaining cd's in the near future.  I just got Dusk last week too, so I need to get caught up with your newer works.

All the best to you in the new year!

You didn't even know it, but you made my day with your beautiful music! Just thought I would share that with you! Hope your day is wonderful! And Thank you I have had a smile all day because of the music you kindly share.

Best Regards,


Hi Mr Chappell:

I've just downloaded Sweet Country. And you know what? {{{{{{{{{    W O W   }}}}}}}} ! Memories, happiness, love, emotion, anticipation, well, just about all senses tells me I'm just right where I wana be. I can't describe it. I just feel like that other end I've been reaching out for a long time, I can now see a part of it. I'm still rerunning the song as I write this, for the gazilion times. Now, if I dust off my ol piano and start playing this song, I'll really be communication!

Thanx Jim. For this song and all the songs you let us download. Please know I really x2 appreciate it. Be well and looking forward to more of your music of life.
-Lee Tai

Thanx so much for your message and most especially the 'Sweet Country' download - one of my faves in your album 'Serenity Rush'. It seems that everyone's childhood experienced a bit life of a country. I remember during my childhood days that I used to have my summer vacations in  my cousin's hometown far away from our house in the city. I really enjoyed being there with the barn, the carabaos, the goats, the cows & the horses, the birds,the chickens, geese & the ducks, various fruit trees, the fish in a nearby pond, the beauty of the surrounding terrrain and the endless rice fields as far as I can seen towards the horizon, and all those nature thing. Your 'Sweet Country' is very soothing enough for me to hear to feel back and reminisce the very moments of my childhood country life. More music and more power! God bless!

Hello, how do you do Mr. Jim? Thank you for creating such music that has the power to calm the soul. My words can't explain how thankful I am for the wonderful work you have brought not only to the world, but also in my life.

If I could sum up everything in your album in one word, it would be, perfect.

Thank you Mr. Jim....


I love this music. It's so soothing and relaxing. I'm not tired listening to it over and over again. It awakens the creativity in me. Thanks for sharing your gift to us through music.

 ‘Serenity Rush’ album is actually one of my top three favorite Chapell albums. Among its selection, ‘Water Spirits’ is definitely one of the best because of its style in capturing nature thru music – very soothing, very inspiring, very mystical that gives you the feeling of being with the nature. The melody of the entire music is like emulating the drizzling rain, rushing stream towards the lake, waterfalls, popping pool bubbles, eddies, and everything that characterizes water, not only as being the universal source but rather as a living entity. Very nature-al! Thanx for sharing Jim!

I also, listen to your music at bedtime. Just listened (so beatiful) to ‘my favorite’ (my first intro to your music) Free Again. Had to have my album of Dusk commercially cleaned so I could put it into my mp3. Where I have most of your albums.
Water Spirits reminds me of ‘dusk’ where I sit out on the deck overlooking the lake, watching the hummers & birds eat their evening meal, and the sailboats gliding around the lake.
A lot of your music I can relate to like that.
Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful & beautiful talent.

Once again your Music has taken me in with it to magical places. I remember a similar place of mine as a youth. The sparkle of the sun , the reflection of the moon. Tadpoles and frogs and rabbits and birds. The rustle of the trees and the squirrels jumping around. Such magic. Thank You.

Hi Jim…
I continue to enjoy your music.. the dancing sprites brought back many memories of being alongside a quiet place on the Mississippi River in Iowa.. or lakes in Wisconsin.. or even while crossing the Atlantic on a troop ship during WWII and noticing the zig zagging of the ship.. (a sub was chasing us!).. obviously we out ran it.. but even then, for a midwestern 18 year old, to see the ocean and be upon it… have traveled many times OVER the oceans in both directions.. so water has been important part of my personal geography… some night time pictures I’ve captured of shimmering water reflecting the moon and stars dance in my mind while listening to your music. I still often go to sleep listening to one of your earlier cds I used in the radio program I produced. So your music isn’t far from both memory and current moments. Thanks for the latest “memory dancing” music.

You're so blessed having a gift that reaches & touches people's heart and influences people's mind. Your music brings me to world of peace & snatches me away from the world full of conflicts & chaos. Thanks for making a difference in this world.

Hi Jim, atlast i found you here man. Since the 90's when i first heard Gone..i really cried man. Your compositions are so moving, its really from the heart, all aches and pains , joy and sorrow are all there. You are my really first influence regarding my piano playing. Then the last time i watched your first concert at PICC Manila i was very overwhelmed when you call your friend in the audience to give you 3 notes wherein you improvise and made a composition out of it. AWESOME!!! Right now im a fulltime music professor at University of Santo Tomas Manila Philippines teaching in our Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies:) Because of you i have become a musician just like you:) Thank you very much for touching my life and sharing your great music with me and my fellow former classmates of mine who have transcribed your compositions when your music was not available yet during those days. God Bless you Jim and more power to you. Im Lyndon M. Aguilar from the Philippines.:).

Hi Jim

It has been several days and I am still at awe with your quality of playing the piano. Watching you, it seems as if the music just flows out of your hands. It appears, as if you can feel the music and your hands just follow it – how wonderful. And you have an incredible sense for melody to pair your skills with. I need to thank you for making this experience possible.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Piano Adventures

I just got back from a piano concert by Jim Chappell, a world-renowned recording artist and composer of contemporary piano music, and I wish you could have been there. He's a 50-ish man of slight build and a wry manner. Having listened to his recorded music for the better part of two decades, it was my great pleasure to sit in the front row while he played live for an hour and a half.

I call his style "contemporary piano." Wikipedia calls it "smooth jazz." And others may call it (unfairly) "new age." Whatever you call it, his music is complex, varied, and eminently listenable, whether a given selection is soothing or rousing.

For each piece, Chappell recounted the story that served as his inspiration for the music: running down a mountain, breaking up with an old girlfriend, thinking about his young daughter, etc. You can even read many stories that explain individual compositions in his website, The website also has a lot of samples of the music itself.

Chappell is fundamentally an improvisor, and a brilliant one at that. At one point, he asked for a suggestion from the audience for the subject of an improvisation. Someone asked him to use a book he liked as his inspiration, so he sat down and played an ethereal, on-the-spot composition that was evocative of the book, "Jonathan Livingston Seagull." Then someone suggested he improvise with the thought of a cioppino dinner at an Italian restaurant. Not a very helpful prompt for an improvisation to my mind, but Chappell closed his eyes and produced another beautiful, soulful, thought-provoking piece of music. The most impressive demonstration of his genius, though, was a little later in the program, when he asked someone to come up and give him three random notes on which to build an improvisation. The result should have been recorded: it was absolutely stunning.

During the course of the hour and a half, he played two pieces that were very familiar to me: "Gone" and "Heart Song." And all of this was presented to an audience of fewer than 50 who were assembled in the 100-seat "concert hall" at the Sherman Clay & Co. showroom in Roseville. And the grand piano he played on has to be one of the best in the Sacramento area. A performance by a world-class musician in a good acoustic setting, on an impressive instrument -- all for $10.

 "Every time I hear one of your songs, I close my eyes and try to recreate the story! It a great mindcation!!!! Your so blessed and your music has been such a blessing to me. You have no idea!"

I still remember how moved I was the first time I heard "GONE"...still moves me.


I am embarrassed to say that even though I've played the piano my whole life and have LOVED new age music for the past 10+ years, that I JUST discovered you the other day on Pandora. You are one of the most brilliant people I've ever heard in my life- I absolutely love your music- I was listening to your song "Gone" on repeat for HOURS the other night and I'm going to get all of your music as well as your available sheet music. And I just want to say thank you for having your sheet music available because when I hear music that I love this much, all I want to do is play it! Your music has a beauty quite like none else that I've heard- and I've heard a LOT of great music in this genre over the years. I feel like I've wasted so much just playing one or two people for so many years---but with Pandora, I've found AMAZING people that I've never known before- like you, Greg Maroney, and Kevin Kern. Thank you SO much for your music and for sharing it with all of us. People like you and these other brilliant artists are exactly what this world needs and the reason why I am even able to get out of bed anymore in such a depressed, sad world. Music is truly what makes life worth living, and yours is certainly some of the best there is out there! God bless!


Thank you for a wonderful experience at Piano Solutions concert.  It was
the first time I had the thrill of experiencing such talent so closely. 
I will be an avid listener for a long, long time.  Your music is
beautiful and you are very personable, as well. 
Be well and God Bless You!



"Hello!!! How are you?? Just wanted to tell you that I'm listening to 
your music right now and this is purely amazing!! So relaxing and
beautiful!! It feels your music comes directly from heaven!! :)
Keep doing this amazing job you've done all these years!!


The seminar was the best three hours of music I have ever spent....Jim 
broke down the mystery of music into easy to understand components. I
never understood how easy how performing solos could be!



We were sitting behind you last evening at NightTown! We have just recently discovered your wonderful music! Your music touches the soul and sometimes brings tears to the eyes! Listening to your new CD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!


I can never quite understand why your music is labeled "soothing." To me, it evokes true passion: enhances the heart, invades the soul.


your music touches the spirit...truly amazing...


"Sitting here listening to Serenity Rush and have to tell you I love it....Candellight and Lace is beautiful...Thanks Jim for all the great music...."


Subject: thank you for the music...

Jim , after a bit of a trying day, ("one of those birthdays") sat down to listen to your music and just felt a lot better.....thank you so much....can't wait till the new album comes out.
Take care.





Dear Jim, "Something To Smile About" is another fantastic Piece from Your CD. Thanks for fabulous, delicious, marvelous, fantastic, beautiful piano music.

Henryk & Aneta

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