Saturday's Rhapsody

by Jim Chappell

Released 1991
Released 1991
Soothing, Inspiring Piano Ensemble. Here we have an intriguing collection of eclectically rich, and emotionally evocative tracks with varied instrumentation. A true stand out album in Jim's catalog!

"Saturday's Rhapsody" purchaser comments:

"Endearing- I would have to say that this album reflects life's colours through its melodies, from the joyous to the somber to light and dark moods. I bought this CD from Amazon because I could not get over the beautiful music that time and time again plays in my head. It is truly memorable and oftentimes it takes me back to my teenage years when I was carefree and at times felt lost and whenever I needed time to just relax and shut out the chaotic world around me I listened to this album (I had long since lost that to a friend). It's my favourite among Jim Chappell's works. And if you stumble upon it I do hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did." -Fire Incarnate 74

"Jim Chappell's CDs come in a variety of flavors, from jazz to new age; this one is something in between and, I think, his best: melodic, but not too tinkly, either. Relaxing, yes, but more upbeat than Lullabies. I'm a bit surprised to be the first reviewer of Saturday's Rhapsody, since, for me, it stands out as a high point of the artist's recordings." -Harold E. Carlson

"2nd time purchased, 1st in cassette, now cd, great composition, one of my favorites." -TOPENDRIDER