Serenity Rush

by Jim Chappell

Released 2002
Unspeakable Freedom Music
Released 2002
Unspeakable Freedom Music
Soothing, Inspiring Piano. There is definitely a "serene" vibe that washes over and stays with you upon hearing this album. One of Jim's best selling releases!

"Serenity Rush" purchaser comments:

"Absolutely powerful music! Serenity Rush is simply a fascinating blend of music. The heart and soul that Jim puts into his music flows through each song in the album and touches every listeners inner self. If you don't have Serenity Rush'd better get one now!" -Marwin Morado

"Your music takes my breath and touches my soul...Once again Jim's music delivers me to the sweetest place within myself. The melodies are illuminating rhapsodies, pure and gentle. Thank you, Jim." -Sharon McWilliams

"This is pure art, melodies that enter into our hearts and help us to be, to feel better.
Don't miss this CD." -Giorgio Durin

"I have almost everything Jim has written and this is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard! You can just feel the stress running out of you while you listen." -Lory