Coming Through

Jim Chappell

Soothing, Inspiring Piano. This album brings forth a great mix of original solo and ensemble tracks including the popular romantic piece "With You."

"Coming Through" purchaser comments:

"Jim Chappell Comes Through Again! This CD is one of Jim's best! I really enjoy listening to his music, particularly late at night when I need to unwind. If you're looking for something to help bring your hectic day to a peaceful ending make sure you order this one!!" -Jesse Gomez

"A great CD! This was my first Chappell cd. I heard one of his songs on satellite tv and decided to try a cd. Very soothing and relaxing and enjoyable--just what I was looking for!" -Marty

"Great CD. As always, Jim Chappell never fails to enthrall his listeners with his melodies. Listening to his music always soothes and calms me. For me, the best time to listen to his music is to put on my headphones, close the lights then lie in bed or on the couch and just relax and let the music take over me. I love this CD and all his CDs." -Maria

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