Fan Reviews

"Miracle is inspiring and AWESOME. The Spiritual-Melody Train Ride it takes you on is impressive. What it does is take you on a Train across the sky and Back again. The song fills my heart with joy and makes me happy to be alive. You're pouring the keyboard full of emotion and making me happy. I am inspired to know you and thank you for touching my heart. Your blessing us with your talent and that is a great gift you give many, many people in the world. Thanks."  

"Jim, I am listening to Gone... exquisite... beautiful... soothing... a gift!!! I posted it on my wall so that my friends can hear your music. You truly are one of my favorite composers and recording artists. I listen all the time to Rise... it keeps me feeling peaceful here at work. Thank you!"  

"Hi, Jim, How do you do this.....evoke such pure emotive energy with a tender touch on the keys....heartstrings you pull in all of us? If all the tears of joy everyone cries while embracing your sweet music were to be put all together, it would be a pretty nice pool we could swim in! As it is, we float on the joyous current and feel reborn time and time again. Thank you for this, my friend. In the Spirit that holds us all.."  

"I got my advance 'signed' copy of RISE on the 11th. of Sept. 2009. I was in absolute heaven. Jim's music is a work of Art. Thank you Jim for the wonderful work you put out. A loyal fan, for life."  

"Jim, I've have been listening to your music a lot lately and it has been wonderfully therapeutic for me. I've enjoyed reading the stories behind the music. You have turned what seemed to be bad days (seem to have a lot of those lately) into good days for me. I truly appreciate what it has done to uplift my spirit. Thank you for reaching my soul. You are an amazing pianist!!!!!" 

"Dear Jim, Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the wonderful autographed gift of your new CD. I received it last Monday and as per my normal ritual, must listen to it through entirely at least 8-10 times before I decide my favorites. And I do believe it is 'Rise'. What a joyful song - and the cover photo fits it perfectly. 'Diamonds in Her Eyes' is one of your classic sounds - puts a lump in my throat for absolutely no reason except that it is such a beautiful song. Same with 'A Longer Kiss'. I would love to hear an arrangement of 'Diamonds' similar to 'Mockingbird Days' with the guitar, chimes & sounds like strings. (synthesizer?) Next - and this one grew on me as it was not one of my favorites right off the bat - 'Graduation'. There's a part in there that is very similar to another one of your songs but I can't remember which one! And finally, 'I Knew I'd Love You' - that's another one that would be breathtaking with a background arrangement. The melody is just captivating - and a bit sad too. Makes me wonder if the recipient of that love is loving in return. All in all, you never disappoint. I have to tell you, since I started listening to Pandora, I have been introduced to so many new piano artists. I have a 'Jim Chappell' radio station, so all similar artists are played. There are a small handful whose CDs I have purchased. But, and I don't know whether it's because your music has been with me through so many different ups and downs of my life over the last 18 years or so, no other artist touches me the way your music does. Thank you Jim - you make me smile."  

Henryk and Aneta:    
"Dear Jim, 'Something To Smile About' is another fantastic Piece from Your CD. Thanks for fabulous, delicious, marvelous, fantastic, beautiful piano music. Yours," 

"I think this is beautiful Jim! I also didn't expect it to have the affect it did on my friend. She has been having some troubles lately and I pulled together a play list with some calming piano songs for her. Thank you!!!"  

"Thank you very much. Your music is an inspiration." 


"Hi Jim I love 'good again' so much. I feel so at ease whenever I play this music. On the other hand, 'with you' helps me to recall back the moment when I was in love and so touching! All I could say is I love your music. We will always support you!"  

"Many thanks Jim, Great usual. I would define your music, "glidin' music", 'cause your music gives me the wings!"  

Sal D:    
"Your music has become part of my DNA. I have listened so long that is truly is a part of me. My daughter was born to it in delivery, it is in my car to create peace, it is played at every holiday dinner, I introduce new friends to it often, it will have someone play it at my funeral/life celebration.... it is an unspoken part of me that will always be. I will never forget the first time I heard it and I just knew I had to meet you and you have been a part of my life ever since. I am grateful and I hope you know you put smiles on peoples faces and move their spirits to have a gift."  

"Dear Jim, as I write this..Honey Wind is being played. What can I say? Truly beautiful on this quiet cold morning where everywhere is still so still and all I hear are only the chirping of the birds - sweet and melodious just like your piece! Thank you! ~ A wonderful 2010 to you and may you continue to be inspired and write more wonderful pieces!"