"Chappell's piano melodies are timeless, moving...captivating..." Billboard Magazine

"Few artists are able to crystallize an emotion in a melody the way Chappell can. His music is written for the heart’s ear."  The Monterey Peninsula Herald    

"Acoustic piano soloist Jim Chappell weaves an intricate musical tapestry, creating a wide range of moods, colors, and themes. Powerfully visual music." The Boston Globe    

"...Chappell puts you in a melodic and musical trance when he performs..." The Woman Today Magazine    

"Chappell sounds fresh, but also familiar right away...there's a genuine emotionalism in the playing." Washington Post    

"Chappell is a consummate craftsman; a sensitive pianist and gifted melodist..." Keyboard Magazine    

"Keyboardist Jim Chappell Taps Into Brawn Power: His popularity climbs after 'getting more physical' and giving his music 'more of a spark.'" Los Angeles Times    

"Chappell has demonstrated a distinct mastery of the melody, brimming with refreshingly romantic lushness." The Manila Bulletin    

"Emotive, evocative melodies leave us aching for more." Pathways Magazine    

"...powerful, evocative melodies..." Trend Magazine    

"...ventures into the most intimate realms of the human heart." Sun Star Philippine